What’s a good job to have before i full time invest?

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I need a part time job to hold me over on rent and everyday life. I only need around $500-1000 a month for the time being.... I just need quick cash pretty much . No retail or grocery store jobs.... I have my realtor license. Should I join a team and be an ISA? Construction jobs? Anything that can hold me over for a decent part time job

I would recommend one where you get in front of people and or one that is flexible, or works with your schedule.

I have a full-time W-2 position as a case manager. The best thing about it is the work life balance and I am off by 3pm for appts and showings. Many of my real estate clients have also come from work relationships.

I’d recommend a waiter at a high end restaurant. You can make good money in tips

Firefighter.. best job in the world

Is a sales job selling something random a good idea ? Idk what sales jobs there are that’s be hiring

I’d recommend doing something in the evenings and freeing yourself up during the day to build your network, shadow someone more experienced, research as much as you can about your market and attend as many community events as you can and practice working the crowd while you are there. I absolutely love volunteer opportunities for this reason.

Do you have any talents like photography or another skill that you can hone to supplement your income while you work these other means?

you said you already have your sales license.... am I missing something?

I second firefighting as a good job if you’re in great shape and want to do that. You usually have good flexibility (albeit you work long 48-72 hour shifts).

You also might be putting the cart before the horse here because it sounds like you need a brokerage first to be affiliated with. In OR and WA, they require 2 years of full-time supervision by a principal broker. If Texas requires similar, then your 1st course of action is to start interviewing brokerages to find out what they require of you to be affiliated with them. And then you will have to find an arrangement that works for you. Things to consider are annual co-commissions (essentially franchise fees), annual co-commission caps, desk fees, transaction fees, advertising fees, systems/platform fees, training programs, the schedule required, and then access to principal brokers and or mentors. There are also fees for MLS membership and maybe Realtor association fees (depending on area).

Also why did you become licensed?

In my journey, I become a Realtor to learn how to find deals and put together transactions for the betterment of my family and as my retirement plan. I don't ever plan to stop working at something I enjoy...it is not who I am. My father dabbles in real estate and my grandfather had a nice retirement because of real estate, so to me this is a viable avenue, yet I needed to learn it. Easier income like rental income would be nice too. And lost on many is that the process to find leads and do marketing as an investor or Realtor is basically the same.

So, I wanted a flexible schedule (because I have a job), this was huge and I didn't want my real estate activities to become all consuming of my time away from my family. Too many Realtors I talk to are doing their business morning, noon, and night 7 days a week. What did I find? I found a brokerage that let's me work from home 100%, doesn't have any hourly requirements (some weeks I work 0 hours and some I work 25 hours in it), has $0 desk fees, $0 transaction fees, $0 advertising fees, 7 day a week access to my principal to answer questions, super low annual franchise fee, and 100% control on my business, yet what did I give up? There is no training program and no built-in software systems. I talk to Realtors at other brokerages all the time and ask about their training. Most is sales job 101 stuff. When I see a class I want to take, I pay the fee and I watch lots of sales training videos on YouTube. Regarding marketing and advertising, I pay for my own as well. Regarding software systems, I have picked up what makes my life easier and pay for that as well.

I also found that a W-2 position/salary is more readily accepted by lenders AND satisfies my risk tolerance against starving while learning/starting (part of many commission-based sales jobs) AND is still a major source of my income. Statistically most Realtors and small business owners fail within 2 years. For me this business still is feast or famine though a bigger litmus test is that it doesn't bring more commission income than my salary position. When it does for 2 years then I will be comfortable to quit my day job. 

I hope that helps.

If you are going the sales route I would suggest home improvement sales. Roof, windows, doors, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Whatever is hiring that will get you in a bunch of houses and in front of a bunch of people. I did that for a year and it helped me become a much better salesperson as well as better in social situations in general. It was all about being comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Work the sales office for a builder.  Either on the weekends when it is busy or on the weekdays when the main person has days off or both.  Offer to call all their registration card leads.  After that call realtors to get them out in the model.    You should be the neighborhood expert when you're ready to go full time....resale all the homes you made contacts with selling them the 1st time.

If your going to be a full time investor, I suggest you find a Construction management Company or a General Contractor to do some work for and Learn more about where the ,$ is spent when building house or a bank, etc! Knowledge is power my friend!

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