Laws And Regulations?

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Hi everyone, I’ve recently got myself to try to learn real estate and work at it. I’ve read BPs Investor Guide and heard a couple podcasts so far and will continue doing so. Although, my question right now is If anyone can share links, books with information about laws, rules, regulations about real estate. Do attorneys know these only? Does it help to know them as a potential investor? If anyone can help me out here? I don’t believe I’m asking the right question? Thanks everyone 👍

Stick on BP and you'll learn plenty for free. Its likely possible that you will learn enough, if you stick with it, to hold an intelligent conversation with a lawyer. If you're serious read and read and read and educate yourself for the next few months. Start contributing back to the community with what you've learned and start to show what you've learned by responding to others in the forums. Even if you're wrong accept it and learn from others. It will compound over time.

Your best chance at learning the legal landscape is always speaking with an attorney. But, should self-directed learning be your choice, there is plenty of information available on the internet to teach you what you need to know. Landlord tenant laws are often codified in one specific title for each state and are available for free online. Although there will be endless other laws that you should be aware of outside of landlord tenant, reading and self-education is a must if you are embarking on this journey.

@Francois Acosta that's a pretty broad question. Just in attorneys, there are contracts attorneys, eviction attorneys, title ones, etc. Workers are agents, property managers, lenders, inspectors, tradesmen, project managers, etc. They all know real estate laws and such. You need to start Googling around and find pieces that sound interesting to you. Stay broad while you figure out what aspect of RE you are actually interested in and then you can start diving deeper. Here are 20 books to get you started... just be careful of hitting play or you might have to listen to @Brandon Turner !