First time investor looking in Tampa / Saint Petersburg area

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Hello, my name is Dustin Lord I am an aspiring real estate investor living in the Boston, MA area. I'm looking for my first real estate deal and have been focused on the greater Tampa / Saint Petersburg area because of its job and population growth.

I am looking for buy and hold real estate opportunities in the greater Tampa / Saint Petersburg area. I'm interested in cash flowing multifamily properties that require minor cosmetic work. I'd prefer newer block construction in neighborhoods with a low crime rate and within a 30 minutes drive of downtown Tampa.

I am wondering if anyone can suggest any specific neighborhoods in that area that I might be able to focus in on. I understand that this is a very large area. What are the towns I should be focused on? What are the town's / areas I should stay away from?

I'd really appreciate it if you would share some of your knowledge of the areas towns and neighborhoods and help an aspiring investor make his first deal.

Thank you

Dustin shoot me a message. I’m located right near Boston common so if you work nearby we can meet up - ive been eyeing the st Pete scene for a bit now. Would love to chat