Souther Ontario Real Estate Investment Advice for Rookie

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Hello to all that read this post,

I am in my late 20's, and have a dream to eventually gaining Financial Freedom through REI. I currently own a town home in Peel Region (for those of you who don't know the GTA it is North-West of Toronto) and a condo that is currently under construction located in North Toronto. i have been fortunate enough to make some extra profit in the stock market (thank you cannabis stocks) and am looking to use those profits for another potential rental property. I am hoping to connect with like minded people on this site who can offer advice on what they have done within this current market (Toronto market is sky high at the moment). i am currently weighing my options on SFH, MFH or student rentals? Also debating to stay within the greater toronto area or look at more reasonably priced units outside (Windsor, London, Sudbury).

I appreciate all who take the time to read and shed some light for a small time rookie in this large REI game!