Duplex in Orlando house hack

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Hi ,

I currently live abroad and am looking into purchase a Duplex in Orlando, FL to kind of house hack. Trying to establish a vacation/home in the US and we really liked Orlando on our last visit this New Year. I would rent one unit and keep the other one as the family go to place in the US. I'm not very familiar with the city other that what i have reasearch and it seems the duplexes are not to common on the realtor sites. I've seen a few forum where agents say they have some multi family in their porfolio. Can anyone guide me on looking a good property? I'll willing to come for a tour of the city. I will also need help with financing since i leave abroad i know it might be more complicated than usual. Hope i can start a good thread here. 

Sake pase @Michel Jean-Baptiste This sounds like a smart idea for you. Look at using Trulia, they have a crime map feature. This can let you see how safe an area is without going there.

Also, start searching for banks that allow financing to foreigners. They sometimes require a larger down payment, and slightly higher financing. Start looking for these options now so you can accurately calculate your carry costs.

@Andrew Kerr nap boule. Thank you for the tip. I'm a US citizen, hoping it helps with financing. Open a purchasing business in the States to prove some sort of US income, but was just told by my tax advisor last week that since my clients are in Haiti the income might be considered as foreign. Good thing that we brought that up i hope a lawyer reading this might confirm or deny that fact. If it is true i'll probably have to close the LLC since it will have no purpose.

@Michel Jean-Baptiste

I️ would suggest connecting with a realtor in Orlando and explaining to him/her what you want to accomplish and what type of property you’re looking for. The realtor can send you leads on properties that fit your target. I’m in the Orlando area. PM if you want to connect.

Its a good idea, I live in/own a duplex in downtown Orlando. Unfortunately there really isn’t a ton of MF under 4 units in Orlando. If you want to browse property though, you can on our website. Link is in my profile or somewhere. Just google us! Good luck!