Looking to invest $100 and $500 straight out of college

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I’m 23 and new to the workforce. Just graduated college in December and have a steady job. However I’m looking to start investing and would like to start in the $100-$500. Looking for any advice on what I should do or where I should start! I’m using the M1 app and the Netvest app and reading books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Think and grow rich to try and raise my financial IQ. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I’m all ears and ready to be a sponge to new information. - Matthew

@Matthew Muniz Leaving school, your best bet would be to pay off your student loans followed by all other debts. In the meantime, you should get on a strict budget and focus on getting the best job in your chosen career (doesn't have to be the highest paying one). 

In the meantime, you should continue to educate yourself through books, blogs, podcasts and the like. 

Best of luck!

Hi @Matthew Muniz ,

If you have under $1,000 to start, I would recommend you spend time networking, attending events, or helping other investors get more deals (e.g. wholesaling, driving by properties, contacting contractors for quotes,...)

@Omar Khan is spot on. Your best asset is your knowledge and ability to produce income. Capitalize on it and continue building your reserves and learning the business until you have sufficient funds to take action on your next investing goals.

Invest that in your self improving a skill set that'd be valuable to investors and that you're already good at. That might mean taking a class, getting some gear (photography), a new computer what have you.... 

@Matthew Muniz Props to you for asking the question AND educating yourself through books. That being said, I don't know anything you can do with $100-$500. I would think about maybe joining your local REIA (if there is one?) or pay for BP pro and have access to more of their content. Use whichever you go with to network and learn.

Congrats on graduating in December! What is your degree and current job?

@Grant Rothenburger thanks for the words of encouragement!

I graduated with a degree in Geography with an emphasis on urban planning and human development. I’m currently working at a company called suitsupply as a sales rep to work on my people skills and learning how to be a better salesman and communicator for a future career in real estate

@Matthew Muniz Shot out to Suit Supply! Due to the nature of my work, I wear a suit regularly. Most of my suits were more expensive than the average Suit Supply suit but I had one of the better customer service experiences of the past few years there. 

It's a great company!

@Omar Khan awesome to hear from a suitsupply guy! It’s a brand I really love and will shop with for life. The quality and service can’t be beat, along with the price! Good to hear you’ve had nothing but good experiences with the company.