WA State Designated Broker Sponsorship

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Hello, all!

I am new here, and considering getting my real estate broker license for Washington State.  After reading about the requirements for earning this license, I'm still a little confused about the requirement to be sponsored by a licensed designated broker.

If I am working alone, not joining a firm, does that mean I need to form a legal entity and then file to endorse myself as the firm's designated broker?

Thank you for any help you may have to offer!

I'm an Idaho agent so what I'm going to say might not be completely accurate for Washington, but I believe it is very similar. There is a totally different license to become a real estate broker. you need to first get your real estate agents license and hang your licence under a brokers licence by joining a Brokerage or "firm". after X amount of years and production you can then start the courses and aplication to get your brokers license.

@Aaron B Lee Thank you for your response!  In Washington, we have “brokers” and “managing brokers” as the titles rather than “agent” and “broker.”  I believe the process is the same as how you’ve described it, just with those different titles.

@Harrison Melton - You need to hang your license at a real estate brokerage for a couple years while you are new. This is because the 90 hr licensing course only teaches you about a tenth of what you need to know to adequately practice real estate. 

Which brokerage you choose depends greatly on your goals for having your license. Feel free to PM me if you’d like a few recommendations.