Analyzing in Worcester, MA

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Hi all,

I'm looking to start investing in Worcester, MA and was just wondering a few things:

1. What are people using for their baseline as far as the 1 or 2% rule and ROI?

2. Does anyone know a good contractor in the area? 

@Beth Simmons

Awesome, 2% rule would be really tough to find here. Its not uncommon for properties on the market to be under rented with verbal tenant at will agreements. 1% is a good baseline 

ROI is personal and will very from person to person but I would say at least 8%.

It can range up to 20% depending on what type of deal you are looking for. I know I have recieved about a 9% return on index funds the last 5 years and In the future I plan on moving more money intro real estate 

Yes, are you looking for a gc?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your help.  Yes on the gc.  I'm looking to start building my team and contractors are one that I really don't have any leads on, but I feel is an important person to know and trust.