Rich Dad Education course... Was it worth it?

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I don’t recommend any of these types of “seminars”. I won’t go into much detail, but I think if you put in enough due diligence you’ll gain the most from actually executing. 

@Scott Morris no we took a loan from our 401k, we just didn’t have the money to invest. We where just stuck where we are. They opened up our eyes to what could be done. We read,they coached,and the biggest thing is, we took action! Started networking and one thing lead to another, the big thing is don’t be afraid to ask for what you’re looking for! No one will just give you money if you don’t ask for it! Just remember your giving them an opportunity! Who wouldn’t want to get a 10% return on their money backed by a solid asset? 

Ps. The seminars are every month, with 5 thousand or so members of the fortune builders family. Just being around like minded people is awesome! Just like it is for the most part with the bp community. 

Every investment is a little different so your bound to make some mistakes along the way. Your not going to know everything, so that is why were on BP. Ultimately its up to you to take action of doing deals, yes training wheels are great but at what costs. Now spending some money regularly to get yourself educated up to speed learning the basics is one thing, but spending enough to possibly fund a deal is another thing. Network network network!

So get busy writing offers.

@Logan Aardrup I’ve done the seminar thing for a few products In the past Yeah, I learned a lot and got motivated, but they didn’t make me money. There is nothing quite like the lesson of getting screwed over on a contract to learn to not put up with BS from others. The same with contractor work and tenant violations. I’m not a big investor here, but I’m well read regarding the popular real estate books out there. All the information you need is here. A few times I’ve met with the brokers of real estate companies and asked them for help. They know a heck of a lot and have a lot of experience. Save your money for a good deal.
@Logan Aardrup I attended one of their courses in 2015 and I can tell you all it did was spark the interest in getting involved in real estate. They don’t provide you with any REAL instruction on how to get things done (without more money of course). And I totally understand knowledge cost but if you go to one and actually see the BS about pay for our equity analisys software that don’t do anything you can’t do yourself you will quickly realize this is a money making scheme and nothing else. Read books. Take action. And learn for yourself. Your gonna hit road blocks. It’s what you do after that...........that defines you!!!!!!!

I took a number of courses, probably too many.  I will say this.  The opened my eyes, understanding, and the confidence that this could be done.  If I had found bigger pockets first I probably would not have taken them.

I do not believe that these are really useful courses. Most often on such courses, they use advertising to sell something else. Just if you need real knowledge for your university, you can always visit website topicsmill  choose original science topics. Find many different topics for academic work. I think this is useful information for each of you.

I attended these courses. In my opinion, there is enough information in the book. Lecturers just tell you the content of their book. You will save a lot of money if you just order this book on the Internet. I believe that the majority of such courses are not help, but simply making easy money. Today there are many options for self-study. Now you do not need to pay someone for the information that you can get for free on the Internet. I can even find the Paperial service where someone can help me write my essay. If you want to take any courses, it is better to use online courses. It is cheaper and more convenient. I also recommend that you read books about time allocation. It helps to save time on everyday things. Many people do not understand that they can independently get some skills that they need. I learned to programme by myself in Java and now I am also learning C ++. The main thing is to have a desire to do something.

I did a Rich Day weekend course about ten years ago when the price was $300 and my experience was similar to Vince's in this thread. While I enjoyed the first day of content, I was shocked at the end when they tried the upsell to the $60,000 program. What a bait-and-switch! I felt like a chump.  

As far as books the stuff for sale on here is quite good, I'd also recommend the books by John T Reed, and Keller Williams has a few books that are decent too. Definitely spend some time on here and participate. Join your local REIA but find one that isn't infested by guru bullcrap.

@Logan Aardrup I have signed up for some of the Rich Dad internet services, newsletter and blogpost. While they were relatively inexpensive, think maybe $300, it has been a huge disappointment that every time they start to tell you something valuable there is a link to a new investor/subscription that is another $59.99-129.99 and you never learn the information they have promised to provide you with, so I have been left wondering what my original purchase price was for. It’s been a total waste of money and although I’ve enjoyed the Rich Dad books and own almost all of them dating back to the very beginning, I will be canceling this subscription.

My wife and I took the 6 month Kiyosaki course back in 2012, where it was a once a week web seminar (waaaay before Zoom was a thing), and 3 months of 1 on 1 coaching, via phone call and online, once per week as well. We had nobody in our family that was in RE, and having read several of his books, decided to invest the $3000 or so in the course. At that time, it gave us a great foundation of education on how to invest. We even got our personal coach to agree that Toledo was a good place to invest based on our "homework"! I felt it was a great investment of time and money back then, and I'm really glad I did it. 

Fast forward to today. We have BP. We have Podcasts. We have more and more books to read. I would say that you can gain a ton of information in these mediums that we didn't have way back when if you don't want to pay the money for a seminar. However, if you can filter past the sales pitches, most seminars will give you some good techniques and points to consider. But, in the end, it's YOUR business, and you have to decide what information to use and strategies to implement, regardless if you paid $0 or $5 or $20k to get them.