Property management in Huntsville, AL

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Hello everyone!

I am interested in buying a sfh or a four plex in the beautiful area of Huntsville. I am an out of state investor and from what I have learned, the property manager is one of, if not the most important piece(s) of your team. I have been looking at a few different deals but, I have not settled on anything yet. I was referred to  AHI Properties and I am wondering if any of you have had any experiences with them that you could share. I contacted them originally to get info on the area but, later found out that they also sell investment real estate. Seems like a great package but, I need to be sure that I am dealing with a great company before I more forward. 

Thank you for your help! 

Hey Torey, I’m a Huntsville native, born and raised. If you have any questions about the town or its neighbor, Madison, let me know! I’m not familiar with AHI but I can ask some of my contacts if you’re interested.

@Austen Howell,

I would love to hear some feedback about AHI from some of your contacts! At the same time I would also like to hear about other prop management companies that you or others have worked with. 

Thank you!

Hello @Torey Chumbley ,

Property management is definitely a vital key to out of state real estate investing.  I am a buy and hold investor here in Huntsville and I do my own property management so I can not speak on working directly with AHI.  That being said, I know of a few individuals that have rated their services as pretty good.  AHI is one of the bigger property management companies in town that offer a wide range of services.

One thing that I would consider before deciding on a property management company is finding a good agent in town and seeing their opinion on property managers.  Also, I would call one of the company's listings and see if you like the service they provide when answering the call.  If you need a reference to an agent just PM me.