General Contractors in Highlands County Needed

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I am looking for honest and reliable contractors in the Highland  County area. At this point there are three contractors hired by the company that who facilitated quotes for a house in the Sebring area. This is a our first flip and Fix investment home.  The property will not be retained by the company, but it is a great deal for profit. At this time I have a very good quote for approximately 8,000 not including permits or materials (Kissimmee Contractor). 28,000 without permits, but it does include materials (Lake Placid Contractor). I am waiting for one more quote in the Sebring area. I have followed the site recommendation to obtain 3 different quotes. However, I would like to hear from some of the members here regarding my current adventure and experiences with contractors. I would also love great referrals!!!

I have flipped in highlands county. Actually in Lake placid. Be Careful on the quality of work,  I have seen many different levels of "acceptable" work in the area. 

Thank you for your response. This is what I am trying to determine. Do you have any experience with any contractor here? Should I stay away from from certain contractor? Any good one?