When is it considered LIVING (FHA)

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I would like to buy my 1st house with an FHA loan. But not sure how often I will be around for to live in my property, as my job requires difficult hours.

Is there any requirement as to how frequent I need to occupy my property?

Primary residents, you need to make sure you are living in property majority of the year if anyone were to look into it. Really you need to make sure you have bills in your name and postage sent to that house and there is not much a lender will do to argue where you live if they ever were to care.

in order to meet FHA guidelines, the property must be your primary place of residence.

I don’t know that there is a defined policy stating how frequently you have to physically occupy the property or how many nights you ha e to sleep there - maybe you like to go camping a lot, or maybe you travel for work, but you do have to call the place home for a while...