Creating a Policy Binder

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Hello everybody,

Is there some kind of template of a policy binder I could use in Bigger Pockets to create my own? How did you create yours?

Thank you.

@Juan Rosado I have the same question! I have been looking around BP for some sort of template to use for my duplex and future properties. I'm not sure if it'll help but there was a really good conversation that covered Tenant Binders which could be a nice addition to your own policy binder and that may give you a few ideas.

I'd also love to see if any, more experienced, investors have good templates to follow. 

I just type up documents as I go and update them when tenants find new ways to break things. I currently have parking rules, rent payment guide, and a maintenance troubleshooting guide for common problems. I also provide the move in move out checklist as well as a blank form for the tenant to notify me in writing whether they will renew the lease or not.

Hey guys,

In the same boat. Just seeing if there was any progress made or any templates found etc. As it would make the process a little easier instead of starting from scratch.

Thank you!