REI Lead Generating Website Recommendations Wanted

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Hello BP group. I am seeking advice of website companies that provide a lead generating platform with analytics in the background. I have built several websites with WordPress and am not looking to build a website. I am looking for a company that offers the SEO and target for REI. I am currently looking at Carrot and Deal Insite (Connected Investors). Connected Investors' reviews overall have me worried about their overall platform... let alone the website. Any pro's and con's would be greatly appreciated as well as recommendations.

Again, I know how to build a website, unless you have recommendations for plugins for WordPress that offer backend analytics... I probably would not be interested.  Thanks!

@Randall Davis I just switched over to those Carrot guys in Roseburg, OR.  I like them much better than the no-name word-press site that I had before.  They provide a ton of content that you can personalize and the whole dashboard analytics thing is really good.