First Meeting - Need Business Cards

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I attended my first BiggerPockets event yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina and it was awesome to meet so many people with similar interests and aspirations. 

One thing I noticed quickly was as conversations went on people would offer a business card. Wholesalers to be added to a list, real estate agents for business requests, and so forth. I am interested in getting some cards made before my next event so that I can be better prepared.

My question comes in what I should get put on the cards. I know the obvious name, phone number, and email address. I aspire to get involved in buy and hold investing as well as flipping. 

How would you layout the card?

Name - Real Estate Investor - Phone Number - Email?

You can also try using a digital business card. I currently use for mine. It is a great way for getting contact information stored in your phone. You can also make adjustments to the card and it will change those you have already sent.

Indigo does require a low cost monthly subscription but it is a cool idea.  Not sure what happens to all you've previously sent your digital card to if you cancel your subscription.  Couldn't find that info on the website.  You apparently can download your leads to your own database so you don't lose them but do they lose your contact info?  The website is is

@Jonathan Breton first what is the purpose of the card?  A card can have many purposes. Do you want to give it out to; potential sellers, Wholesalers, bankers, tenants, general purpose? With each of those cards mentioned you might want different text or designs. 

I don't have a picture of me on mine but I like it when others have their picture. i might collect 10-20 cards at a REIA meeting. Without the picture I have no idea who they are from or why i have it.

You can go to a site like Fiver and get someone to design it for you. Cards are cheap so spend $15 or $20 bucks. If it is not perfect you can always order more.

Thanks for the reply @Ned Carey

I am looking at getting general purpose cards for now. The general purpose card will be used to let people know that I am a part of the business and hopefully open the door to more opportunities. 

 The picture idea makes a lot of sense, to be able to remember each person easier. 

I will look into Fiver for designs and I am familiar with Vistaprint for printing options.

@Jonathan Breton , I'm not sure if you are still looking for ideas regarding business cards, however, I just wanted to give you an idea. I actually no longer carry business cards. What I'm doing is using a business card scanning app on my phone which contains all of my contact info. It allows me to scan someone's business card onsite and then immediately send them my contact info via email. Even if the person doesn't have a business card to give me, all I would need from them is their email address to then send them my contact info. A few apps you could check out are Camcard, Circleback, ABBYY BCR, & Nimble CRM. Hope This Helps. 

I'm wondering the same thing. I have yet to make my first investment and plan on focusing on buy and hold. Other than the basic contact information I'm not sure what else to put.

@Keith M. I am looking in to ordering some cards soon with just basic information just to have something to hand out. 

Once things pick up and I get a better idea oh my "niche" and feedback from more seasoned investors, I may update my card.