Looking for Reliable Wholesaler Where to Find?

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Hi @Jerry Pollio and welcome to BiggerPockets! I'd start with your local real estate investor association(s) or REIAs. Google "Houston REIA" and hit their websites to seek out events to attend. Go and let it be known that you're looking for "the best wholesalers in town" and then sit back and enjoy the show! You're sure to get an earful about who delivers and who doesn't.

Finding a good wholesaler is like finding a needle in a haystack in most markets.

99% of them just mark up MLS listings or other peoples deals they do not own or control.

Word of mouth from other investors is really the best way to find any legit wholesalers.

Bandit Signs?  I call every one of them and only connect with a person 1 out of 10 signs.  I don't know what to recommend for a reputable wholesaler as they come and go.  I get on every list possible and over time you can get a sense of the wholesaler's business.  Then meet with them and establish a relationship.

Maybe that is the business model bandit to bandit marketing. There has to be a better way! 

Real Estate investors, brokers, wholesalers etc have to look at what value they add to the ecosystem. How do we elevate out from this level. People go to doctors, lawyers, accountants to solve their problems - Real Estate people should strive to do the same thing. Solve people's problems and you will be profitable. Just have to figure out where you fit into that ecosystem.