Investing in Chehalis Wa

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Hey guys I am looking at a couple properties in my area and am wondering if there is anyone else in the Lewis county area in Washington state.  Just looking to connect if there is anyone out there. If not i may start a meet up. 

@Derek Dodd

Hello and welcome to Bigger Pockets.

My name is Naomi Pinger a broker with Better Properties of Olympia.  I live close to Chehalis and Centralia and am familiar with that area.  I would be glad to team up with you to help you find properties.  If you could PM me and let me know what you are interested in I can then send you listings when they come on the market.

Look ing forward to working with you.

Hey I grew up in Kelso, one county away.  Now I'm in Houston, but that is always going to be home.

Hey @Derek Dodd !

I heard about some meet-ups in Olympia to Seattle area. I am in Grays Harbor county so not as close as some other places you could get to!

I am a realtor in Washington State, let me know if you would like any help finding deals in Washington, I'd be glad to help!

Best of luck,


Welcome @Derek Dodd , I am based out of Thurston County, but I am also very interested in Lewis County as well as Mason, and Pierce Counties. I think the Centralia/Chehalis area has decent cash-flow opportunities and also is in a good path of progress. I own a 5 unit in Yelm, 1 sfr in Tumwater and am currently in negotiations on another 10 units in Tenino. I am always down to connect with other driven and like-minded investors. There is a meeting in downtown olympia next Tuesday. 
@Naomi Pinger , unfortunately my agent and I are meeting with the listing agent and seller on Tuesday evening to try and hash out some final details of this deal regarding seller rent back, so I will no longer be able to make the monthly REI meeting! I hope its a good one and would be happy to provide an update next month.

Hi @Derek Dodd , I'd love to go to a Centralia/Chehalis meetup to learn more about the Lewis county market. If you make one, throw me an invite. Just don't have it the same night as the Oly meetup so we can all go to both groups :)

@Derek Dodd Welcome to BP and working in Lewis county. There are many on this thread that can help you out in so many ways. The meetings are a great way to network and see what others are doing and get some deals done. If there is ever anything you have questions on, feel free to email me. Hope to see you next week at the Olympia meeting, and if you do start the Lewis County Meetup, let me know, I would love to attend. 

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Oops, my mistake.....the meeting is tomorrow night in Olympia. I hope you can make it, would like to meet you.

@Jake DeAtley Hello Jake,

You are invited to our Olympia REI meeting on Tuesday Sept. 18th at Rambling Jacks.

Everyone wants to know how your deal in Tenino went.  Whether it is cheers or heartbreak please come and give us an update.  You had everyone on the edge of their seats last month wanting to hear about your deal and then you could not attend because of working out details of the purchase.  

So please come and give us an update.  

@Tyler Northrup I live halfway between Shelton and Olympia in Mason Co. I'm new to the area, moved here from California. We have a duplex in Tumwater and a 12 unit in Aberdeen; always on the hunt for more MF in Grays Harbor, Thurston and Chehalis. Would love to rub elbows with y'all!

@Derek Dodd I have not started doing one yet. I have only attended. I would post it on here for sure and then tell  everyone  you know that’s interested in real estate. I’d also reach out to contractors, loan officers etc...anyone in the business that lives in your area. Where are you planning on doing the meetup? 

@Derek Dodd it was a bit bumpy, but we got through it! We are now focused on filling the two vacant units, with one done and one more to go. I am hoping to get that one locked up today. We have a fair bit of work to do over these coming months and I am excited to reach the properties full potential.

Looks like you just picked up a small multi in Chehalis. Hows that going? 

 Good man I actually closed two deals in the same month. I didnt want to kick tenants out right before the holidays, so come Feburary 1st I will be turning the units over and finding new tenants. One property is 4 units the other is two units. It's a lot to handle and try to plan for. I just need to do it and see what happens