getting tax delinquent list in kansas city MO

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can someone help? Im trying to obtain a tax delinquent list for direct mail. I called the courthouse and they had no clue what I was talking about. can I get this info online in Jackson county

@Larry Moore

Jan and Larry Jordan run a meetup group in Blue Springs - they have a meeting Thursday Night - I think that is covering tax sales in Jackson County - their last email to me said that the list will be available Friday and you have to get it from a legal publication like the Daily Record or the Pulse Legal - these can get you probably the lists in Jackson, Clay, Platte and Cass - and maybe St Louis - just note that St Louis County and Jackson County do not sell tax liens, but sell properties after 4 years of non-payment so their sales differ.

Look for the Blue Springs Real Estate Investment Group on Meetup to get more info about this event to learn how Jackson County tax sales work.

@Kim Tucker I thought MO tax lien sales were all on the same date, across the state, and it occurs sometime in August, is that wrong? I am referring to the new tax lien sales, not people who already hold those liens and sell them.