How can I find a mentor in my area?

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Hi Bigger Pockets! I am a newbie from Nj, who is trying to learn and gather as much information as possible. My question is, What is the best approach to finding a mentor? I’m looking to connect with someone in my area who is already does real estate investing. Any advice would be awesome!

My best advice would be to go to your local real estate meet-ups and connect with like-minded individuals! You never know who you could meet that could end up being your partner, associate or mentor down the road. Good luck and happy investing!

I would say find a way to add value. Tons of people come here looking for someone to mentor them, but you have to understand the people they want to mentor them are busy by nature. After all, who would want to be mentored by someone who doesn't do anything? If you can offer a mentor something of value, they'll be far more likely to try to provide value to you in return. Remember "Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"? Same idea. Give BP Podcast 203 with @Matt Faircloth and @Elizabeth Faircloth a listen, it has a very good section on just this topic.

Contact others in your area who are doing well in the business, and offer to help them in some way in return for some mentoring and guidance.  Be willing to do anything they need help with: canvasing, phone calls, walking properties to take photos, etc.  I promise if someone calls me asking me to mentor, I say I don't have time really to commit to it.  But if they called me and asked what I need help with and can they help out in return for my mentoring them, I'd help for sure because they were obviously willing to put in the work.