Driving for dollars

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Another plan of attack is to mail a hand written letter the neighboring property. The house next to the one your actually interested in could lead to a phone number and nice phone conversation. Just my 2c. 

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@James Stevens do you skip trace the names you get from the website?

Also I seen some distressed houses but when i look it up on county website the owner still listed as if they live there.

Should i still reach out?

 On my county website they have a property address, and an ownership address. 

@Theodore Bullock When I drive for dollars I use LandGlide and DealMachine. LandGlide pulls up the specs of the property. DealMachine allows you to take a picture of the property and send a postcard to the absentee owner. Also you can do an enhanced search to get their number. Pretty cool apps. *I’m not the creator of these apps*

@Theodore Bullock I don't have to do any Skip Tracing or anything, because their information is on the site.  As far as the ones where the address shown is still the address of the property, you can still mail a letter to that address.  Most of the time the property owner, if they're not living there, will have a forwarding address in with the post office and will still receive the mail piece, because that is the address that they are still using to receive their tax statements on the property.

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Why don't you guys skip the Driving and go straight to the lists? 

 They got a list for high grass, peeling paint, failing roof and crap in the yard?  

That would be quite THE list LOL

@James Stevens These apps have 2 week free trials. After the two weeks you have to pay monthly. I feel its worth it. No more writing addresses on napkins and forgetting to do the analytics later on. Or you can just do a enhanced search right on spot and get the owners number on the Deal Machine  app. That is so convenient! 

I only make effort to contact the ones where the owners have different mailing addresses than the subject property. This way you focus on the more probable and higher chance properties that are either vacant or have absentee owners rather than the people who are happily living in their run-down primary residence with no desire/intention of selling.

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