21 Y/o Soon to be RE Investor

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Looking for advice and insight into WHOLESALING. I am looking to wholesaling as a way for me to pay for schooling, so there is my motivation. I have mainly been working towards gaining context and shadowing my father and uncle, now I need to take action. Again, would like advice/insight.

Hi Adam, Welcome to BP. Do your father and uncle wholesale? Maybe they can pay you to bird dog, and then you can go through the whole process with them.

If you find a good deal, someone will want to buy it. Maybe take a Saturday and do some driving for dollars. And find your local real estate investment group. They will be very helpful to you. Good luck!

Hi Adam, "Bird dog" is slang for someone who finds potential deals for (usually) a wholesaler. If you drive for dollars, maybe negotiate with a family member for a cut of any deals they make. Typical is $500-1000, but only if they close the deal. It could be different in your area. 
It sounds like you could learn the business from your family. Good luck!