Single Family Property: 1 bathroom vs multiple bathrooms?

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I have been looking around at different single family properties available, however, I seem to be finding many that have 3 or more bedrooms and only one bathroom. I am still new to all of this, but I feel like that is a major draw back. Should these be properties I stay away from if I am looking to flip them? Or is there an alternative such as renovating/adding another bathroom to the property if the space allows for it? Any help would be appreciated!

Adding a bathroom is almost always a plus but not always necessary. In many places a 3/1 is normal. 

Look at your comps and that should tell the tale. Are 3/1's selling in the area? And what is the price difference from a 3/2? That should help you decide if its worth the time, money and effort to add one. 

If you can't tell from that, just ask a local realtor or two. 

Actually I should have said a reputable or trusted realtor or two or three. While there are great ones out there, there are also many that are far from great.