Tips for starting up?

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In the process of getting our ducks in a row. We'll be registering our LLC in KY any day now.we already have a business account setup; and we already have several connections for contractors and realtors (for the first flip we'll do much work ourselves, as we're both pretty handy). I know an insurance broker already who could assist us. So my question is..what is the next step before we ACTUALLY put our business plan and paper, and begin pitching to banks/investors?

I am not a flipper, let me say that from the jump. But, why not go get prequalified and then seek out a property? The LLC will make this harder (I also don't deal w/ commercial lending).... but think you're going to have a hard time selling anyone on your plan with no experience. Get the money, then the deal, then scale up... and use your experience/history to validate yourself as someone proven they can do it.