How Can I Help Rebuild My Falling Community?

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Hello, My purpose of getting into real estate is to help rebuild my community. There are so many homes that are boarded up and foreclosed. I want to rebuild homes, update them and get people living in better conditions, overall bettering the neighborhoods and attract businesses. How would I go about doing this?

you're gonna need a lot of your own money or find investors that would want to do this. However, I don't think the return on this kind of project will be worth it to a lot of people. you never know until you ask though

There are a lot of options. If you live near a larger metro area is there a Redevelopment Agency that the city has set up? If you can get the area designated as an area for potential growth you might be able to get some public support in your efforts.

If you are trying to do this on your own you might try speaking to the owners of the properties in the area and start getting options on a number of properties so you can have a few properties that you could buy at once. It can be easier to get funds if you can show you have a bunch in an area that you are working on. Another option is to speak to the city and see what kind of support they can offer.

Where is this community located and is there potential job growth and a sustainable economy in the area? I would love to try and help you get started if I could.

Hello @Talya Reeder

You remind me of myself. 

There's hope and there's a blueprint to do exactly what you're talking about.

If there is enough dissatisfaction, then you can harness it to make your community better.

I recommend you go about it by focusing on bringing more order to your area. 

If crime and safety are issues, then work on helping neighbors communicate better.

If the area is safe but burdened with a bad rep, the work on promotion.

If the area is doing fine but abandoned, then make sure good news storied get picked up in local media.

I wrote an entire book on the topic. It's a great place to start.

Best to you and stay encouraged!

@Michael De Rosa Thank you! I’m not too sure about confirming potential growth but I am willing to learn! Businesses are leaving, a lot of them have already closed over the years. I’m not sure where to start on my research and what areas within my research I need to look into to see if this is worth the effort.