Brand new landlord, brand new duplex, turnkey = problem free?

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@Gabriel Rascon How about a slow water leak from a cracked washer valve due to over tightening during the tenants installation right when you're half way through your work shift? not made up... Completely renovated properties are susceptible to all repairs. They'll just be more than likely due to tenants mishandling and not wear&tear. Nothing about landlording is problem free. On a different note though, the month of July had me at my property twice for routine yard work and that's it. So, best of luck to you Gabriel and congrats on your first purchase!

@Gabriel Rascon

This is what I got from your post: you want to avoid hiring a property manager and self-manage a freshly-purchased turnkey duplex. Since the duplex is new you think that there aren't going to be problems managing your duplex.

No matter how new the property is, you're going to have problems with your tenants that require your time. Fixing stuff that breaks isn't even among the top three most time-consuming things a self-managing landlord has to deal with. I think it would be a good idea to read a book on how to manage rental properties before you decide on a course of action.

@Gabriel Rascon Visalia, nice! Not far from me at all. Well if you ever come back to visit and find yourself in Fresno, PM me and we can connect. You can catch me up on how your duplex purchase is going! Just know that things will come up with your tenant, at all times of the day. That's certain. Just be excited to learn, no matter how irritating and comical the requests get. And of course, you can always refer to your books, podcasts, and BiggerPockets for advice! 👍🏼