Wholesaling: How do I find buyers?

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I have been doing a plethora of research about wholesaling and I believe it is the best first step for me to plunge into my real estate investing dreams. The biggest portion of the field seems to be marketing and developing reputable motivated buyers. I am aware of all the ways to get the attention of motivated sellers but what have you done to create a motivated buyers list. What sorts of marketing strategies or platforms can be used? I think it’s important to have buyers before the sellers so that the seller can have their home sold quickly. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

hi Erica, 

building any kind of list is all about personal relationships...

Are you reaching out to people on various forums (esp here on BP), your social channels etc finding out about their investment goals, what kind of properties they are looking for?

Once you know this build a list and make sure you keep these people up to date with options you are finding so you get real feedback about whether the deals you are getting are worth it for them

hope this helps