Where to buy your first rental

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I am new to investing and I want to know how to pick out where to invest. I only have about 100k but i don’t want to go all in. Should I go SFH or multifamily?

Hello and welcome to this site Jose!  In this economy I think I would do a Fix and Flip or an an apartment complex that would be a residential Fix and Flip or do focus your learning is focused on apartment comdlexend purchase an apartment complex (5 plus units).  Know what you may have heard about you need some residential project is a mth.  you can start on a "small" apartment complex then increase your quantities.  when you get to about 32 units you should be able to hire a Property Management Company paid out of that apartment income and have some positive cash flow.

You can get hot areas to do either style by talking to brokers, Governmental agencies, popular appraisers, and 

Thanks for the info Micheal. Where could I find an apartment complex for 100k or less? One of the hardest decisions I’m having is where to start investing. Also I would have to have the property management in place on day one. I live in California, I couldn’t possibly manage the property from here.