A JV and the percentage?

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Greetings, BP.

Looking at the idea of doing some JVs, and one of the good bits of info I've noted is to JV on a deal by deal. Here is a possible scenario, and am wondering what sort of percentage of the cash-flow one can expect.

The JV investor offers to pay 50% of the purchase price; closing, appraisals, legal not covered. Only looking for buy & holds, and must be "move in ready." Can be SFH or MFH. After 12 months, would look to refi into a traditional mortgage or other long-term option.

The investor would mainly be a passive investor, which I think would be good, to avoid "power battles." What percentage would you offer in such a JV? Somewhere between 15-49%?

It has been my experience that there wouldn't be any cash flow on these smaller investments.  Rentals are long term investments.  You could offer them a balloon payment of 30% after 3 years. Refinance and pay them out if the appreciation is there. Or keep them in the deal until you sell.i would offer 50% of the profits.