Lubbock Area Investing/ Are we Starting a Lubbock REIA or what?

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Where are all my Lubbock investors?!

I'm working in West Tx and would love to meetup with someone who has been playing in the Lubbock area real estate game. Anyone willing to meetup with an eager rookie for some weekend coffee? 

My current viewpoint is that  I wouldn't mind it being a college town. I view that more as a positive than a negative. I don't see Tech going anywhere (more likely to get a tenant) and I'll take the college aged tenants (despite the bad reputation of doing so.) I just want to get in the dad gum game!

Would totally be down for this being a monthly thing. I've seen Lubbock pop up a bit in the forums and I know we could get some traction going.

Fairly new to posting, so if this is the wrong area, my sincerest apologies. Thanks all!

Hi @Lucas Carroll , sorry you have been left hanging! We are a somewhat quiet bunch in Lubbock. I would be happy to meet with you anytime you are in Lubbock. I am a real estate investor with about 14 rental properties and have added a real estate license to my credentials, mostly to help with investing, but I am happy to help you find and purchase properties! We are talking about starting up a Meet-Up, but still working out details.