I want to start wholesaling

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I want to get into wholesaling. I have never bought a house before, I'm looking to buy one in the next few months using a primary housing loan. I'm wondering how I go from there to wholesaling in quick succession without destroying myself financially.

Hello Kyle, I am curious on why you want to get into wholesaling?

The answer to this question could direct you in maybe another real estate strategy that better for you.  Nothing at all wrong with wholesaling I just want to make sure you know that is not the only way to start in real estate investing.  Based on your goals, desires and budget; their may be another better real estate strategy than wholesaling or wholesaling could be the perfect fit for you.  But ask yourself first, why wholesaling?

After looking more into the subject, I'm not entirely sure I know what wholesaling is. I'd like to flip houses, I guess I thought that was wholesaling.