How to find a broker as a real estate investor

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First time poster here!

I just got my real estate license and am now searching for a broker firm to align with. I don't plan to become a real estate agent, but instead just want to buy properties to use as long-term rentals for investments. Since this will be a part-time job for me aside from my work full time job, I plan to start small, with just a single triplex or quadplex. Later, I hope to expand from there over the next few years. Can anyone lend any tips about how to find the best type of broker for my situation? What should I look for in a broker? Or, can you suggest specific brokerages that might be a good match for me? I'm located in the San Diego area, and am open to either small or large brokerages. Thank you!

Hi @Aimee Gaede ,

Too bad you aren't in NYC.  I just opened a brokerage and am looking for agents like yourself.  Hope that some brokers from San Diego chime in here.  You definitely don't want to be paying a monthly fee or a % transaction fee when you are initially just looking to buy properties for yourself.  

I was the same way.  I have my RE lic in Texas.  I found some 'discount broker' (I now am under a buddy).  But it was like $200 a year and $200 per sale/buy when a commission is made (so $0 unless you're doing a transaction where you earn a commission)

My guess is there are tons of those in San Diego. 

Hello Aimee, one of my colleagues in the office has a broker's license and may be able to help you. I can ask her if you want me to. As @Cody L. said, you should find someone who won't charge you much, especially if you're only going to be buying for yourself. 

Anyway, PM me if you want me to ask.