Home River Group recommendation?

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I just saw the the offer for promembers from Home River Group Property Management. 

Have you used them, would you recommend them, and is it a good value? 

I'm an out state investor looking for a reliable service that could handle various states. 

I fired them last year. I had a rental that wasn't renting. When I finally got the keys, I found that it needed a decent amount of work that was not reflected in their reports. When I asked if they had ever been in the house, they admitted that they had not. It confirmed my decision to fire them.

I fired them 3 months ago and Im still waiting for them to return money they have held back for no reason.  I keep getting the run around, just like when they were managing my properties.  BP needs to be a little more selective on who they validate with their podcasts, as it was definitely a factor for me in choosing them.  I wonder if @andrew probst can get his company to return my money

Home River ? Please stay away!

Here are my bitter experiences and why I was so desperate and even ready to lose $1100 to dump HRG.

We purchased this property at Memphis, TN which was already tenanted. We switched the PM to Home River. The very first day I received a call in the midnight from their maintenance team asking for clarifications. They called me directly since they could not reach the property manager assigned to this property. I was so annoyed… what is the point in having a PM and paying them monthly fees?!

After 2 weeks Home River emailed me just casually, the tenant had vacated 2 weeks ago. When I asked them why they did not know this earlier for which I received a response they sent a welcome letter to the tenant and kept mum. They claimed, this is their standard procedure!!

What??!! As a new PM don’t you visit the tenant or at the least give the tenant a courtesy call about the changes?

These were red flags to me and decided to terminate the contract immediately. In spite of their blunders they insisted on the early termination fee.

I recently switched my PM in Jacksonville, FL also. I found too many errors in their accounting statements and a wrong Schedule E.

I found another PM who are more economical, 100% transparent and much better control over the accounts.