New To REI (Network W/Local REI In Bergen County, NJ)

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Hey BP! Hope everyone is doing great! I just wanted to network with local REI in Bergen County, NJ. Specifically by the coast across NYC like Fort Lee, Edgewater, etc...I would like to take you all potentially to grab a cup of coffee (I’ll pay for it) I just want to listen to your story, network, find out how you guys got started. I want to do this because right now, I am 21, live in Mine Hill, NJ (Just moved). I lived in Bergen County, NJ recently. I would like to purchase my 1st rental property when the time comes between Newark & Fort Lee. I was looking at East Rutherford, etc...I am currently finishing my last semester at Bergen Community College (Yes, since I moved, I drive about 80+ miles there & back from Mine Hill, NJ 4 days out of the week & more to visit Fort Lee). 12/21/2018 is the last day at Bergen & from there I will be working full-time & become a real estate agent around Fort Lee area. I would like to also eventually become an investor. Very excited to hear from you all! Sincerely, Mike

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Hey BP! Hope everyone is well. I am looking to network with local investors in Bergen County, NJ. Specifically around the Fort Lee, NJ area! Hope to network with some soon!

@Account Closed welcome. Just curious if you moved to Mine Hill, why would you want to be an agent in Fort Lee? I think that's going to be tough for you ... there's plenty of great deals out where you live now I would suggest becoming an expert there ... or staying in Bergen County. 

As for the coffee, if you want to meet let me know ... 

@Kevin Schaefer Thank you Kevin! Long story short I’ve been through Foster Care & now in an Independent Living Program. So I’ve lived in Bergen County not too long ago, months ago actually. This program basically provides free rent which I am grateful for but the whole point is to make sure I become successful. So if I can leave earlier, of course the better since I would like to be in Bergen County. I am usually busy but if you would like to meet up, I am all up for it!