Looking to do my first deal

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Well, I know I need to do something but I am darn near not financeable. (Long story, hope to write a book about it someday). Hoping to get my feet wet in either a flip using private money. Or a buy and hold in Midwest. Thoughts on what would be a wiser first move with 80k? Long term goals are to buy and hold.

Might start off with a flip or two to build a story of success and slowly change over to the buy and hold model.  This will allow you to churn your money and build up a little more cash while also showing that you know what you are doing.

@Jeff Schechter thanks for the reply. Long term goals are to buy and hold creating passive income. I can buy for cash now so that would achieve the cashflow. Almost wondering if it would make more sense to use that same money to flip and one or two homes first so I can maybe two a year later.