Looking to network with investors in the Denver area

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Hello, I’m fairly new to wholesaling and looking to connect with investors in the Denver Co market. I started off trying to wholesale virtually in Memphis but I think it’ll be best to learn my market where I’m at and go from there. Would you suggest a list and if so which is a good one? Can’t do much d4$ right now can’t drive.
@Kourtne Stancil Glad to see another new wholesaler! I live in the Memphis area. I haven’t done any deals yet since I’m very new, but would love to help you learn a bit about our area if you decide to get bacl into the Memphis market. Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions you might have and I’ll share anything I know!
@Kourtne Stancil I actually am taking an online marketing course at the moment for using Google and Facebooks ads and its very informative. You can probably just look up how to do them and get better information than I can give on them. As far as who I’m calling, I currently just drive around and use Realtor.com and Zillow and Craigslist to find FSBO listings and I contact owners from there.