Property management eviction fee

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Hello everyone, Looking to hire PM for a few units in Hudson Valley NY area. I have a general idea of what most of the common fees are but I’d like some idea of what is general ballpark for fees related to eviction process and pay demand process. Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance to all!

@Ariel Rodriguez you'll have to do the research yourself because it varies widely. I know some managers hire an attorney to handle all eviction actions. Some handle the eviction but charge you for their time. Others include it in their management fee.

@Matt Caven Thank you for the response. I am looking to find out what end, if any, of the eviction process would be covered by PMs typIcally and what are typical fees associated. I have searched PM Fee threads throughout BP and it seems like some PMs handle the evictions in house directly without attorneys. Based on your response though it sounds like they are just responsible for hiring the attorney and managing the situation. So for that end of it what are typical fees associated with that? Is it a flat fee or a % type of thing? I see you’re from the area so any pricing fee you are familiar with would be what I would be encountering in the area. If you have encountered situations where the PM handles the eviction directly what type of fees should I expect in that instance. Thank you in advance!
@Nathan G. Thank you for the response. I see that it varies from one PM to another. I was just trying to get a general idea of what to expect in fee structure for each instance so that I had something to compare to depending on what local PMs in my area offer. I know it would vary state by state as far as pricing, but I thought standard practice would still be generally the same in regards to it being a flat fee, hourly fee, or % fee.
@Ariel Rodriguez I think you’re going to find that fee structures vary from company to company. There really is no industry standard pricing and very few PMs in our area make their pricing available online. You can view our pricing on our website if you google Hudson Property Services (not sure I can post a link here). We happen to charge a flat fee for eviction management.