Advice on college degree

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I am interested in working for or running a real estate investment company. I'm currently at college and in business management. I'm not sure this is the right degree to do real estate investment as a career. I have been told that a business degree with a focus on construction management or finance would be better. Do you know of any real estate investment businesses? What are they looking for. I would appreciate any input.

It depends on what you mean by real estate investment company. There are a wide spectrum of companies that would fit that description.

Most local residential real estate investor companies are relatively small (in terms of the number of employees, not assets or profits) and they aren't going to care very much about which specific area you majored in. It will be nice to have a business degree, but the specifics of what you know is more important.

That being said, finance (and by extension, accounting) will give you a good introduction to the math side of investing, which is really helpful. You may be able to just take a few finance and accounting courses rather than change your whole major. You should also consider which route will mean graduating faster so you can get out there building experience, which is far more valuable than the specifics of your major.

Large commercial real estate investing firms, such as REITs and national brokers like CBRE or Cushman & Wakefield will probably care more about the specifics of your degree and will also offer internships.

Good luck in your career! 

@JD Gunter thanks for the input. I am interested in focusing on multi family properties. At this point in my college degree, this semester is the turning point that matters. The classes I take now determine if I graduate sooner vs later.