Determining where to relocate

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Thanks for stopping in everyone! I'm looking to relocate out of NY and somewhere warmer, preferably down south to start my real estate investing. What I'm looking to know is what southern areas do you guys see as having great opportunity for rental property investing? I'm looking to start with small multi family properties. I've looked into areas like Raleigh and Wilmington NC, though I don't think rents are keeping up with home prices as much. Any suggestions on places to look into or general advice would be greatly appreciated!

Raleigh, Charlotte, Nashville, Dallas, Atlanta

I would pass on Wilmington. Small tourist town with little growth and worrisome hurricanes. 

@Vincent Harris I can vouch for Nashville since I've lived here most of my life. I spent the past 20 years in the commercial finance arena but have gotten into real estate as an investor and now an agent.

I can tell you the city has grown tremendously in the past five years but it’s probably nothing close to what it’s expected to do in the next 10. There’s a reason big-time developers for him almost all major cities have started buying up land here for major projects. We’re supposed to triple in size over the next 10 years and it’s a great party city.

If you're looking for a cheap flip or 2 build HPR in the city limits it's going to be increasingly difficult but it still happens often....with the help of wholesalers. If you're looking for great other investment opportunities with tremendous price appreciation in the city or multi family deals outside the city I can definitely help you with that as well.

I’ve traveled a ton but there’s no city quite like Nashville that I found and is very welcoming to folks from all over. It seems to be able to incorporate lots of different cultures and people but still keep its original charm.