Yuma Real Estate Investors

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Hello BP members, where are all my real estate investors from Yuma Az at? I'm looking to network with locals that are in the real estate business. Send me a personal message or comment on the forum so we can connect. Thank you

Im an investor here in Yuma. Im a minor league investor just closed on a condo locally and I'm using the calculator to see if I should purchase another property .  If it will cash flow well. 

Would love to connect and hear more about the Yuma market.  Spent a year at AZ Western playing football.  Also, I am there usually a couple times a month.   

Hi Bethany,there is a lot of opportunity here in Yuma.  I just moved back to San Diego,  but still have homes here in Yuma. Im househacking my main home and have multiple BRRRR'S. You can easily find owner financing in Yuma.