The Basics Of Building A Wholesale Buyers List

Wholesale real estate is the art of matching up of investors with properties. If the right investor is matched with the right property, a sale is made and a commission or profit collected. The faster you can make these matches, the more profitable you will be. Having a reliable list of active investors and entrepreneurs is your ace in the hole when a new property comes onto the market.

Creating a buyers list is more like gardening than making out a shopping list. It is more than a list of names, telephone numbers and email addresses of potential investors or buyers, it is a never ending process of curation: finding investors, rating them, tracking their needs, wants, resources and market activities. It is tracking ongoing and future projects, buying criteria, funding types and budgets.

The most common methods used to build a reliable buyers list include: networking at professional events; email marketing; direct mailing; exchanging business cards; content marketing; maintain a professional website; social media marketing; bandit sign marketing; cold-calling landlords with “For Rent” signs out; marketing on Craigslist; networking with real estate agents.

Regardless of what methods you use, what is important is to begin building a reliable list of investors and buyers that you can turn to when you acquire a property and close a deal on that property as quickly as possible. A mature, detailed and well maintained buyers list is the ticket to success.

Whatever you’re selling, who’s buying is key. When it’s real estate, having a Buyer’s List is key.

Key Points:

1 A buyers list is a conglomeration of the people who are interested in buying and making deals with you.

2 It is important to have these up to date lists to be an effective realtor.

3 There are a variety of great ways to build these lists.

Developing a reliable list of contacts will require some effort, though it will be well worth it in the end.

The fundamental requirement of successfully selling anything is to get a higher price than it cost you. When it’s the kind of money property costs, that’s especially critical. A Buyer’s List is data that can not only save you time, but let you cash in for maximum profit. Finding below market cost property can be tough, but when you can then flip the right location to a hungry buyer for pure profit, it’s worth it.

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