Which book should I read first?

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Ok BP'rz, what should be the first book I read?  My situation:

Little to no money

Hungry to learn

Ready to do whatever it takes

Need to create seed money

Thanks In Advance for all your replies and knowledge.

@Elmo Dasalla if you are looking for further inspiration than I agree with Rich Dad Poor Dad. But it sounds like you are already inspired and ready to go so a more tactical / how to book might make more sense for you. In that case any book on wholesaling or Brandon Turners book “real estate with little or no money down”

Good luck!!

@Elmo Dasalla

Brandon Turners

“The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down

Later on David greens new book “Brrrr” would be helpful.

I also like Brandon turners “the book on rental property investing”. All great books