For those who use Prop.Rdr and ListSource

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Before I subscribe for a monthly account for property radar or buy a list from listsource. I have two questions...

1. Which of the two sites is ideal in gathering as much information as possible?

2. Can multiple users share and be logged-in the property radar account for its online and specifically its mobile application? (2users for the price of 1)

Originally posted by @May Emery :

@Kwadwo Boafo You might consider working with a list broker who can make recommendations for lists. They can pull several types of lists into one purchase and you only have to pay when you want a list - no contracts with monthly bills if you don't want a list that month.

 Thank you May Emery.  Where would I go about finding a list broker.  Or they completely different from a realtor/ agent.  

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@Kwadwo Boafo note that May is a list broker, and that is why she is recommending you contact one.

You might consider not working with a list broker, as the lists they sell are out of date the minute you buy them. Same for Listsource. Much better to use a service that keeps your list up to date all the time so you don't waste time with stale data.

As to your question, you can not have 2 people logged in to PropertyRadar at once. When the 2nd person logs on, it will log off the first. The price is per user.