Rental in florida best ROI

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Hello i am from israel and looking to buy rentals in florida, still not sure where is the best ROI, i have had some reserch on jacksonville but still open minded to other area in florida ,will be happy to get idea or contact of realtor or investor who can help me in the prosses


Hi Erez. My husband and I have been investing in Jacksonville, Florida for several years now. I am a licensed realtor and help other investors (out of state and out of the country) to find rental properties that meet their investing goals. I would be happy to help you as well. We also do a lot of research and market updates on Jacksonville that I can share with you. I'll send you a message now with details.

@Elenis Camargo is Jacksonville getting pretty saturated?  The more I look the lower quality the investments are getting as far as area and grade.  I also am looking into investing in Florida and am wondering if there are other areas of the state better suited for investors at this time?  Also, can you share those market updates with me also?  I would love to pick your brain for the Jacksonville area.  !!!