50k liquid... How can start real estate investing?

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@Darryl Reed - Hey man. There are plenty of ways. SF and the Bay Area in general deter a lot of people because of the perceived sticker shock. There are creative ways to get into a property and use the appreciation and equity to catapult into building massive wealth.

@Darryl Reed

Look into methods such as using an FHA loan, tax sale properties, and/ or house hacking. The BP podcast has a ton of great information and I would start out with Build A Rental Property Empire by Mark Ferguson. Easy read with tons of great information.

@Darryl Reed

I would start with setting goals for yourself. Do you want to be a more hands-on investor? Are you looking at taking a passive role? What kind of properties are you interested in? Single family? Multi family? 

A little more background would help give the people here a better idea on how to help you. 

@Darryl Reed

I would invest out of state. Maybe pay cash for something and rehab it up. Then do a cash out refi on it 6 months later. I bought a property for 48k cash last September in ft worth. Rehabbed it up, rented it out for $1,400/month and it’s now worth 135k. Will do a cash out refi on it and pull out 75% of the appraised value. Then repeat. If you need a contractor in the DFW area, I can recommend mine.