Any reliable resources for beginners ?

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Hello! I am new to Investing and business in general. I am young and eager to reach financial freedom (as well as willing to put in the work). I would really appreciate any tips and/or resources to help with building a strong foundation in investing. I began reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and realized I need MORE financial education!!! I use the BP resources of course but I would like to know of any particular books, blogs,etc that would help with expanding my knowledge. Anything is appreciated, Thanks!

You are on the right track. Listen to the BP podcasts on your commute because I KNOW that is a chunk of time! Make sure you find a Podcast player that allows you to speed up the playback. I listen as fast as I can understand so my mind does not wonder. I am totally focused on the topic and it sticks with me. You can speed up Youtube playback as well.

Go to local REAPS meetings, it is the local investment club here. Take an inventory of what you know and understand and what you want to learn more about. That will give everyone a little better idea where to point you. 

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