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Adri Son
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TenantCloud vs Avail

Adri Son
Posted Jul 18 2019, 18:28

Hi all - newbie here!

I've searched the site a few times but haven't found much data on TenantCloud (formerly EvaProperty) vs Avail (formerly Rentulations). 

I have a multi-unit building that has a shared foyer and 4 separate 1 bedroom apartments. I am managing the property remotely, but I do have an in-person maintenance person. I'm looking for the best software for my situation.

From my research so far the $9/month Standard TenantCloud (TC) plan is the most comparable to the $25/month Landlord Plus plan (for 5 units) on Avail for me. So far this is what I've gathered: 

Price: TC is $9/month for the standard plan (150 units) and Avail is $25/month for Landlord Plus (5 units only)

Background Checks - Both have packages available for background checks. TC charges $19.95 for a background check that includes credit score, evictions, criminal, sex offender registry). Avail's most similar background check package has a full screening available at $45 (includes criminal and sex offender registry). 

Rental Payments / Banking - both TC and Avail don't charge for the bank ACH transfers with the plans I'm comparing. Both TC and Avail have autopay capabilities for the tenant as well as automated payment requests from the landlord. TC allows stripe/paypal/credit card for application fees and rental payment. Avail has a 3.5% service fee per transaction for credit cards. For Avail, if a payment is denied by the bank for non-sufficient funds, there is $15 NSF Fee added to your next payment. Avail will deposit the money to the landlord 3 business days after the withdrawal date. TC uses Dwolla which takes 1-2 business days to process from Dwolla to the recipient's bank account and 4-6 days for ACH. TC just says standard fees apply - I can't find more information otherwise, but I think Stripe charges 2.9% for credit card payments.

The state I'm in requires a separate, in-state bank account to hold all security deposits, so I need to be able to link multiple bank accounts to my profile. TC allows up to 6 bank accounts and Avail doesn't specify as far as I can tell (but does allow multiple). Right now I am only managing my own property, but would either be better to use in this capacity if I started managing other properties for other people? And does anyone know if both tenant and landlord can allow multiple bank accounts on either side in these programs (for example if two roommates are splitting rent and want to pay from two accounts)?

Lease Creation - I love how Avail has their legal document templates state specific (I am in a different state). 

Data Storage - I would like the ability to store tenant-assessable documents like house rules, parking/laundry/trash info and instructions, etc. TC has 1GB under the standard plan Avail says it has unlimited messages and photo storage, and they have a welcome kit option you can buy for your tenant that includes templates for house rules and all that stuff ($39.95). 

Maintenance - I love how in Avail there is a Landlord only area for notes on Maintenance requests. That will help keep me organized. I do not know if TC has something similar (not really sure what the timeline thing is as I haven't been able to test it). I also don't know how good the TC maintenance bid system is (the one they advertise) or if I would use it or if they even have support in the area the property is in.

Advertising capabilities - moot for now, I don't have any need for Avail's marketing website as Craigslist seems to be the most effective option for finding tenants for me right now. However, that might change in the future. 

I have both of them in the trial period right now, which isn't actually that helpful because I can't see how everything works out without connecting it to current tenants (and I don't want to have them switch from service to service). TenantCloud shows a photo of your property taken from Google Maps but my property's photo is currently inaccurate (customer support has messaged me saying they are looking into it). Neither really have an option (from what I can tell) for you to upload your own photos unless through the listing services. Right now I'm leaning towards TC even though I've had a much better user experience using Avail because of future scalability (upgrading from Avail's Landlord Plus to Landlord Professional will be a $25 jump to $50/month). TC's customer service seems to take one full day to respond to anything which is not that great, and I haven't needed to submit any support tickets for Avail at all.

My questions are: is there anything I've missed in considering/comparing the two? 

Are there any snags people have experienced in using either programs? Especially on what they claim to deliver, like synchronization issues, tenant account creation, etc. 

Does anyone have any experiences with the accounting capabilities of either program? Would it be better to have a separate program just for accounting?

Does anyone have experiences with either that would be helpful to be aware of? Opinions on what would be the best fit? 


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