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Hello everyone! I'm relalatively new to biggerpockets. I've been listening to the podcasts for a few weeks learning what I can. I'm looking to start BRRRR investing in my hometown of Rochester, NY in the next six months so I'll be lurking around the forums

@Khalil Cherry welcome to BP and here is excellent place to start. Also locally we have local meetups Freedom First Real Estate Investor's Association, Ltd (FFREIA) this organization and members are a great resources to connect with and network as well. Any reason why BRRRR Investing is something you want to pursues? Again, welcome!!


Thank you Alex! I want to get into BRRRR because I believe it's the best way for me to start investing with limited capital while also providing a way to quickly scale up my investment portfolio. I don't currently live in Rochester, but it's a more affordable market than where I live now, and I think it is fitting to invest money into the community I come from.

@Khalil Cherry

Welcome to the site. I have several rentals in the area as well! The market is definitely a sellers market. Let me know if you have any Financing questions.

Welcome to the world of REI, @Khalil Cherry ! I live about 30 minutes outside of Rochester. My husband and I have been investing for the last four years and love it! He's also a realtor so if you're ever looking for help with on market deals I can get you his info. Best wishes as you start to look for deals! 😊

@Khalil Cherry

Welcome to the BP family! Good to have you here! Here are some recommendations for you:

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