Trouble Comparing Rent

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I am a new investor ready to put in a cash offer on a property in new jersey with the intent to BRRRR. Short sell opportunity that looks promising from a purchase price/rehab cost/ ARV perspective. Where I am running into issues is comping rent in the area. I am having a terribly hard time finding hardly anything for rent in the immediate area. Is this a good problem? (Low supply) or red flag ( low supply because no demand)

I checked 


FB Marketplace



Are there any other places I should be checking. My Realtor seems to be having trouble finding comparable rents as well.

Any advice?

@Phil Spadaro I would say depends where it is. My house in Port Murray took 3-4 months to rent bc we priced it to high because there were no comparables. We did have many people check it out though. Mostly families whose current land lord was selling and they needed to move. I would guess you’re in W-NW or south NJ if you’re having this issue. Pricing right is important if you want to get it rented quick.

I agree though a realtor should be able to use the MLS to help you for sure.