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So last year I really got seriously interested in learning about real estate investing. I was put to this site by a realtor who I now call a friend. from then to now, my place of work was sold to a much larger company in February. Since then....its been hell staying on my feet with the changes. Long hours...short staffed..and Im in charge of the place and have to put in the hours. That being said...this change has drained the life out of me. Literally exhausted at the end of the day. My family barely sees me. I have lost my way on this journey to trying to change my life through investing. Cant seem to find a way to do my job...give to my family and kids and find the time to learn this so I can grow and provide for my family. sure many have been on this journey before me.  Im looking for insight on how you have overcame challenges like this. Where did your start your journey? What reading did you start with...How did you begin. Thanks 

If work is giving you that many issues and stress, it's time to think about a career change. Break the rat race maybe start your own business if you have a skill

@David Medina at least one foot has to be grounded before you take the next step. Investing is a commitment mentally and physically. Additionally you don’t want to take the risk of getting a property with a mortgage only to have to leave your job. Try to make your current work situation better or start looking for a new job, once you are in a better place, take the next step to invest.

@David Medina   While you run the place, there must be someone you can talk to about getting more staff.  Explain to them that the pace is not sustainable and people are going to leave or go on sick leave.  I'd also put in for a week's vacation (before school starts) and spend time with your kids.

As for real estate, is this something you could get your family involved in?  If so, have them look for places and turn it into family time.  The kids can learn about money and budgeting.

@Theresa Harris . Thats a cool idea. Funny you should mention the staff issue. I am a pharmacy supervisor. The only person i have to make iv medications is leaving for 2 weeks starting monday...leaving me to mix and call my patients...NO STRESS there lol.

Hey David, this is a tricky question. 

Some people talk about burning the boats (quitting their day jobs and focus on REI), an idea I'm not in favour of for the most part. On the other end, some people do REI at nights and all-day weekend.

For you, you may be able to find a "middle-ground" by finding a partner to work with. Start getting your capital working for you while learning along side that partner with the intent of moving into REI as a full-time gig.

Sure, this isn't a quick turnaround for the work issues you are having but it does get the ball rolling and give you an exit strategy, a timed one.  

Good luck... 

I drive a truck 5 days a week, 10+ hours a day, for a major window manufacturer in CA. I listen to podcasts and audio books while I'm in the truck. I use services like Propstream and REIpro to pull targeted lists of home owners with distressed properties. I use the evenings to skip trace those owners on the list, and to reach out to FSBO's via text message/email. I do this instead of call because I don't want the noise from the kiddos in the background, and I'm also reaching out to at least 15 people at once so it's easier to do it via text. Plus 90% of texts are seen within the first five minutes they're received.

On the weekends when I don't work I call a minimum number of leads from the list(s) I've pulled and take notes on what happened. After I reach that minimum, if we're not doing anything major with the kids then I call more leads. I can't call hundreds of people a day, thousands a week, but calling 100 or 200 every weekend is better than calling none. I don't really drive for dollars anymore, but when i was doing it every weekend then we made it a family thing, got the kids slushies and snacks, breakfast, or whatever. 

It's tough when you're working full time but it's gonna be tougher for you to look back wishing you woulda did more. Just analyze your day and find all the time you spend on non income producing activities and try to use that time differently. Whenever I find myself doing something unproductive, I literally remind myself that my time to build my investing business is limited and I should use this time to do something to progress that. 

Hope you figure it out, good luck!

Originally posted by @David Medina :

Good advice. Just TRULY sucks to know where you want to be and you cant even really start doing it due to circumstance

Sorry for the tough love but it's your decisions, not your conditions, which determine your destiny. Take ownership. Posting here is a good start to finding solutions. Good luck.

@David Medina If you truly want to invest in real estate you'll find a way. When I was interested in learning about real estate investing in 2015 I had a business that I owner operated, another business that I was trying to get off of the ground, planning a wedding, driving LYFT late nights to save extra money for the wedding, working out 1 hour per day. I found time to spend with family and read a couple chapters of books every night. A year later I had my first rental. If I can do it, so can you! A good book to start with is one of my favorites by John Maxwell called "How Successful People Think" Best of luck

I know its tough but stick in there. Read the bigger pockets books when you have a free minute i.e. lunch breaks, toilets breaks, before bed etc. Also, most important study the hell out of the market you want to invest. You can look at properties on internet as a hobby on spare time. Eventually it will click. Dedication to the journey which does not happen over night

Originally posted by @Junior Soares :

Great work I love to hear stories like this. I tell my wife that it takes long hours, nights and weekends of studying and reading to succeed at this game. It the people like you that make it


@Junior Soares WOW..that is amazing. You certainly made it happen. I truly cant say its not pissible if you could manage that. You have each given some great advice. The audiobook idea i just did. Bought the How to invest in Real estate book at the BP bookstore in digital and audio. Im in the car 2 hours a day. If i cant read....i can listen. As for checking properties..guess i could look on n sites like Redfin and the like to look at listings. I know RealtyTrac sends me updates on foreclosed homes...could look at those to.

@David Medina

You can do it David. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! I started investing 4 years ago and now have 7 SFRs with a W2 job. Here’s what I recommend. Listen to as many bigger pockets podcasts as you can. I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge from those. And second, stay on this forum site and keep learning from others. I’ve learned a great deal from the success AND failures from others on bigger pockets. Keep at it and have a positive mind set. If I can do it, then anybody can!

I believe real estate takes time to manifest and time out of your day.. I feel if you can dedicate at least one hour out of your day everyday either right when you waking up, on your break at work, or before you go to bed you should be ok at this point on where you are.. Real estate takes time to when you start to see life altering change towards your success story.. In the beginning you will sacrifice and take risks but in time it should all be worth it within the journey.. Being able to adjust is a key factor in real estate so finding a way to make it work with your job or another job will build experience for many qualities you will need to have on your real estate path.. Be strong and motivated as you try wake up the SLEEPING GAINT within..

@David Medina

I can absolutely relate to you as I was in a similar situation before as my full time job required me to be not only in call 24/7 but on the phone and working long hours Monday-Saturday.

It got to the point where my wife couldn’t even work as I couldn’t help her with my kid...long story short. I ended up looking/finding another job that helps me learn & start into the real estate realm.

Either you talk to your boss to work something out or you start looking for another job. I would suggest you to do the 1st one first and then if it doesn’t work take the 2nd option.

Wish you all the best luck!

If you've stayed at your job no matter how long, there must be reasons, and I would list those out....the good things, and be grateful for them.  Then when the pain of staying outweighs the pain of leaving you will leave.  It sounds like you need a W-2 job right now to pay the bills, but remember that YOU are the CEO of your life, and only YOU can change your situation.  You are smart enough, and talented enough to figure it out, but it starts with a mindset.  The other advice I would give you is to live below your means, save as much as you can, and stay here and learn as much as you can.  Welcome to BP!

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