Hey everyone! 

I have an opportunity to purchase a property that has good numbers for a flip and I also have an opportunity to purchase a property that will be buy/hold. As we're coming into fall soon and the buying market tends to slow down as well as people moving for a rental, what do you think is a better option due to the time of year we're in? I do plan on purchasing both of these properties, just curious on which one I should do first. I feel like selling a flip will be more difficult than placing a tenant - what do you think? What would you do? 

Perhaps it makes sense to do the buy/hold property first. I could get a tenant in place during fall with a short term lease so that it will re-up in spring. Even if I list it at a little cheaper rent than normal just to get it rented. Then in the winter (Feb 2020 timeframe) start on the flip property and have it ready to go by springtime for buyign season. 

What are your thoughts?